Back to School with Mentis Sciences: The Benefits of Virtual Lab Solutions for Colleges

Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 11:39AM

Back to School with Mentis Sciences: The Benefits of Virtual Lab Solutions for Colleges

As college students and educators alike look toward an uncertain school year, one thing remains clear: The learning will continue. STEM virtual lab solutions provide a way to help students develop essential skills, even in a flexible or hybrid learning environment—whether that’s from home, a smaller classroom, dorm room or anywhere in between. Just read on to learn more about this helpful tool.

Confidence during unpredictable times

There is no blueprint for how to safely reopen schools, as each campus, city and state can vary greatly in terms of student population and other factors. This lack of a uniform plan can breed uncertainty among students, staff, parents and educators across the country, but the certainty of a virtual lab through our Mentis Sciences Educational Toolkit can help fortify the system and the process of learning. This toolkit was designed by professional engineers and educators to bridge the gap between STEM objectives, and the supporting educational curricula, learning objectives, and measurable outcomes required within the university classroom.

Help your students head back to school (wherever that may be) with confidence that their STEM learning will not be interrupted!

A safe, remote virtual lab experience

When safety counts, virtual labs give students a way to learn with ease. This applies to the COVID-19 era, of course, during which many students will be learning from off-campus environments—however, virtual labs also have ample applications for universities operating on a hybrid learning environment. And even for everyday maladies, or other situations that might keep students from school on a temporary basis, virtual labs can allow your students to learn from home without missing a beat.

Results you can count on

As all scientists and STEM educators know, scientific integrity and results reproducibility are essential tenets taught (and strived for) in the lab environment. What better way to teach students the importance of a controlled lab environment, than to provide them one via a virtual lab experience? Our virtual lab kits give students across the country—and the world—the chance to work in the same “lab,” even if they are nowhere near each other physically. This helps students compare their results with those of their peers easier than ever before.

A flexible option for educators and students alike

There is no limit to the myriad ways virtual labs can be used to benefit your STEM program. They can replace physical labs as students stay safe at home, or be used in conjunction with physical lab time to help build a thorough course of study.

Paving the way for future success

While virtual labs are particularly perfect for the COVID-19 era, their benefits last long beyond today’s current situation. They help facilitate learning in an increasingly online world, helping making education more accessible to students everywhere. Additionally, they help cultivate personal success from student to student, giving each the opportunity to establish essential skills and lab familiarity before moving onto accelerated courses and, of course, their career.

Are you an educator looking for virtual lab solutions for your course? Get in touch with Mentis Sciences today! With more than 20 years of experience, we have the expertise needed to deliver powerful virtual learning tools to your students when it matters most.

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