Why It’s Important to Choose Engineering Kits That Are Inclusive for All Students

Mon, Nov 06, 2023 at 10:10AM

Why It’s Important to Choose Engineering Kits That Are Inclusive for All Students

Quality STEM education is more vital than ever these days for getting students ready for the jobs of tomorrow. Handing them the chance to gain hands-on experience with engineering concepts allows them to actively apply their learning, as opposed to just absorbing it passively. But equipping a traditional science lab can be expensive, putting hands-on STEM learning out of most schools' reach. More affordable and accessible options like Mentis Sciences Engineering Toolkit (MSET) help make top-notch STEM education inclusive and available to every student.

Affordability Opens the Door to Hands-On Learning

Between lab gear, curriculum materials, storage and more, traditional labs carry a massive price tag many schools just can't afford. This slams the door shut on crucial opportunities for students to engage in applied learning. Mentis Sciences' MSET delivers rich hands-on engineering experiences without the sky-high costs of outfitting a traditional lab. Its thoughtful modular design optimizes budgets by letting educators buy only what they need. MSET's affordability makes diving into hands-on investigations of engineering concepts possible, without pricing any students out.

Accessibility Considers Different Needs and Abilities

On top of cost barriers, old-school lab equipment often presents accessibility challenges for some students. Newer tools like Mentis' MSET kit are purpose-built for accessibility and usability by learners of all abilities. Its sturdy construction and intuitive design let students set up experiments solo, no constant teacher oversight needed. Detailed support materials provide ample guidance to ensure all students can fully take part in hands-on work, empowering those who need accommodations.

Adaptability Aligns with Diverse Learning Styles

Students have diverse learning styles, so a rigid, one-size-fits-all teaching approach does them a disservice. Those who thrive on hands-on, tactile experiences can struggle in structured labs that limit exploration. MSET's flexible and modular design aligns with varied learning preferences. Students can opt to follow written experimental procedures step-by-step or take an open-ended, investigational to the engineering concepts presented. This adaptability helps MSET reach and engage all types of young learners.

Simplicity Enables Independent Investigation

Overly intricate lab equipment and procedures can intimidate students and dampen their scientific curiosity. MSET's straightforward nature empowers students to set up and run experiments solo, with minimal instruction needed. This simplicity builds confidence in STEM abilities and fosters self-directed learning. By demystifying hands-on science ed, MSET emboldens students to take the reins of their own engineering investigations. Letting them steer the scientific process ingrains critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Cultivates Collaboration and Communication

Effective STEM education isn't just about individual accomplishments - it's about learning to collaborate and communicate. Too often, traditional lab equipment gets stashed behind closed doors, with only the teacher granted access. MSET's design intentionally cultivates teamwork and discussion. With gear stored accessibly, students are empowered to retrieve what they need and work together. Guidance gives tips for assigning roles, documenting results as a group, and sharing conclusions. This builds valuable soft skills like cooperation, delegation, and articulating ideas. MSET creates an environment where curiosity and teamwork intersect, yielding higher engagement and deeper inquiry. Students gain perspective by listening to teammates, developing empathy and conflict resolution abilities too.

Inclusive engineering education solutions like Mentis' MSET kit enable impactful STEM learning for every student. Purpose-built to be affordable, accessible, and adaptable, MSET empowers diverse young learners. To learn more about implementing MSET at your school, contact the team at Mentis Sciences. Investing in tools like MSET that make hands-on STEM inclusive is vital for shaping the next generation of scientists and engineers.

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