Future of Speed: Discover Hypersonic Engineering with Mentis Sciences

Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 4:02PM

Future of Speed: Discover Hypersonic Engineering with Mentis Sciences

There’s the speed of sound—and then there’s hypersonic. Vehicles reaching this incredibly high speed have a variety of applications for both the private and public sectors, many of which are yet to even be discovered. But wherever the future of speed may lead, Mentis Sciences will be here to deliver the hypersonic engineering solutions needed to get there.

Just read on to learn more about this exciting slice of speed science—and how Mentis Sciences can help bring it to life.

All eyes on space

Public interest aerospace engineering has been an especially popular topic in recent weeks, as the world looked to the launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon (the first crewed mission from the United States in a decade). Spectators watched in awe as the rocket launched into space—but what they may not have seen is Falcon 9’s launch of 60 Starlink satellites several days later, during which the rocket’s hypersonic exhaust lent itself to a spacelike glow as its fairing halves reentered our atmosphere.

Like the much-watched launch, the reentry of the fairings at hypersonic velocity can be viewed online—and their spectacular display can only serve to ignite interest in the ever-expanding field of commercial aerospace flight. As commercial interest in the space sector continues to grow with missions such as these, the importance of hypersonic engineering will expand with it—and Mentis Sciences is up to the task of supporting these missions with our pioneering technologies at every step of the way.

Engineering solutions for high-temp hypersonics

As evidenced by the recent satellite launch, reaching hypersonic velocity can be a high-temp endeavor. At Mentis Sciences, we are not only involved with the hypersonic engineering that goes into designing quick-moving craft and missiles, but the solutions needed to protect their materials, too, such as engineered ceramics for effective, lower-cost confidence at high speeds.

Looking ahead (and above)

The field of commercial space and hypersonic projectiles is expanding before our eyes, and it is clearer than evert that a forward-thinking firm is needed to usher in the next era of hypersonic engineering—and meet tomorrow’s fast-paced questions with equally swift solutions. Here to heed the call for innovative action is Mentis Sciences. Serving our communities’ STEM and manufacturing needs since 1996, we have the expertise needed to achieve advanced engineering visions with ease, affordability and confidence at every step of the way. With customers ranging from the biggest industry leaders, to government agencies that serve our everyday safety and security needs, we are equipped to handle whatever tomorrow may bring.

And of course, like all those with eyes on feats of hypersonic engineering, we have an excitement for this field that informs everything we do: from the pursuit of newer, better practices to the unending interest in the possibilities of this rapidly evolving medium.

At Mentis Sciences, our experience serving the hypersonic engineering needs of the private and public sectors specially equips us to take your project to new heights—and levels of speed. Just contact us today to learn more.

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