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Welcome to Mentis Sciences Inc. We utilize a unique combination of New England ingenuity, subject matter expertise, and the highest standards of performance to develop the most innovative engineering and manufacturing solutions. The core values of ethics, integrity, community service, and commitment to excellence are in every aspect of Mentis’ company structure, culture, and operation.

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Mentis’ quality management system is certified to international quality standards AS9100D and IS09001.
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The Significance of High Temperature Composites in Airborne Systems
Airborne systems traveling at high altitudes and extreme speeds are subjected to a severe and unforgiving aerothermal environment. These systems must be able to withstand the large temperature fluctuations and high pressures that are associated with this type of flight profile in order to operate safely and reliably. Not only that, but they are also expected to survive the constant vibration, threat of hydrometeor impact and the relentless effects of aging. Fortunately, materials technology has advanced to a point where a variety of heat-resistant materials are available for use in the aerospace and defense industry. Read on to learn why high temperature composites are playing a vital role in the development and fielding of successful airborne systems.
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