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Mentis Sciences Inc. utilizes a unique combination of New England ingenuity, subject matter expertise, and the highest standards of performance to develop the most innovative engineering and manufacturing solutions. The core values of ethics, integrity, community service, and commitment to excellence are in every aspect of Mentis’ company structure, culture, and operations. The Mentis team understands the enormous responsibility that resides within those who work in the national security realm, and whose systems and technologies are integral to U.S. security. Our objective is to provide valuable expertise to our clients, reduce risk, and improve quality of life for U.S. military personnel both at home and abroad.

Quality Management
Mentis' quality management system is certified to international quality standards AS9100C and ISO9001. Learn More >>
Composite Fabrication
Mentis utilizes decades of experience and advanced composite fabrication techniques to develop cutting-edge technologies. Learn More >>
Rapid Prototyping
Mentis Sciences has developed a reputation as being a competent business partner that can meet tight deadlines while providing prompt, efficient, and innovative service & support. Learn More >>
Mentis Sciences is addressing challenges in the prosthetics community. It has developed and produced prosthetic sockets by braiding carbon fibers directly onto a plaster mold of foam carving. Research has shown that sockets built with the braider technology are produced quicker, are up to 50 % lighter, cost 40 % less to manufacture, and have longer life cycles than traditional sockets. Learn More >>
The Mentis Sciences Educational Toolkit (MSET) is a unique, portable, and affordable educational tool that is being introduced into the STEM community. It is designed to provide students with a glimpse into the world of material testing and physical science. Learn More >>
Internship Program
The Mentis team is committed to training the next generation of engineers and technicians. They’ve invested resources to support the Internship Program by providing short courses in STEM-related disciplines, student engineering subjects and mentoring activities. Learn More >>
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