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Welcome to Mentis Sciences Inc. We utilize a unique combination of New England ingenuity, subject matter expertise, and the highest standards of performance to develop the most innovative engineering and manufacturing solutions. The core values of ethics, integrity, community service, and commitment to excellence are in every aspect of Mentis’ company structure, culture, and operation.

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Mentis’ quality management system is certified to international quality standards AS9100D and IS09001.
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Aerospace Prototyping 101: How it Benefits Your Aerospace Company
Manufacturers already know what goes into a safe and functional aircraft – robust airframes, reliable propulsion, redundancy for flight critical systems, and more. A critical step in the development of any new aerospace product is prototyping. The numerous benefits of aerospace prototyping include the ability for “hands-on” manipulation, which enables the assessment of assembly and maintenance procedures, as well as the evaluation of form, fit, and function of the prototype as part of any assembly. Prototypes are also ideal for testing sub-structures or full assemblies in relevant environments. Before delving into how your aerospace company can benefit from aerospace prototyping, let us first cover the basics. Prototypes can range from sub-scale, rudimentary mock-ups meant to convey the shape and appearance of the component or assembly, all the way through working prototypes that have all the functionality the final product would. Aerospace prototypes run the gamut in terms of size, complexity, and use, and when properly implemented, prototypes allow system designs and engineers to evaluate options, gather data, and demonstrate functionality throughout the development process quickly and efficiently. With a good understanding of how aerospace prototyping can be implemented to save your organization time and money, you will be empowered to bring innovative products to market quicker, cheaper, and safer than competitors. Read on to learn more about all the benefits of aerospace prototyping for your company.
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