On Inventors’ Day, Learn More About Mentis Sciences’ Aerospace Prototyping

Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 9:48AM

On Inventors’ Day, Learn More About Mentis Sciences’ Aerospace Prototyping

On Feb. 11, we celebrate National Inventors Day and all the visionary minds who have changed life and science as we know it with their one-of-a-kind creations!


We also look back at our own endeavors in aerospace prototyping and manufacturing here at Mentis Sciences, as we are proud to be part of such a long-running tradition of innovation. Just read on to learn more about some of our most notable projects—and the scientific thinkers who paved the way before us. Take a look.


Mentis Sciences’ most notable projects


Our team of talented scientists, engineers and innovators is proud of the work we’ve done in both the public and private sector, meeting modern aerospace and industry demands with projects such as…


- SM3 Nosecone Prototype, an ideal showcase for the Mentis family of high temperature aerospace composite materials and the advanced radome and nosecone fabrication techniques we have developed.

- A composite launch tube for the anti-torpedo-torpedo, which weighted less and exceeded the performance of the legacy aluminum design.

- L3 Valkyrie Autogyro, an unmanned aerial sensor platform designed to be towed behind most ships to increase maritime situational awareness.

- And many more! Be sure to browse a more extensive list of past projects here.


Reflecting on scientific innovations


As scientists, we know that today’s innovations are made possible by the discoveries made in past years, decades, and centuries. Here is a brief list of inventors we believe are worth celebrating today and all year long:


- Ada Lovelace, inventor of the first computer algorithm (whom many consider to be the first programmer!)

- Hedy Lamarr, an actress and inventor who designed an early torpedo guidance device that would later inform endeavors in frequency hopping, Wi-Fi and GPS

- Lewis Latimer, inventor of carbon light bulb filament that allowed electricity to be used more efficiently

- Benjamin Franklin, a renowned inventor and founding father known for designing bifocals, the lightning rod and other essential inventions


Supporting tomorrow’s inventors, too

If you have a young, budding inventor in your life (or perhaps are one yourself), be sure to ask about Mentis Sciences’ Internship Program! Through this community project, we recruit local high school students to learn more about STEM disciplines through engaging activities and mentorship.


At Mentis Sciences, we believe in everyday innovation, and are constantly working to deliver the latest, most sophisticated solutions for the aerospace and defense organizations we serve. Stay tuned or simply contact us today to learn more.

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