How to Choose the Aerospace Prototyping Services That You Need

Thu, Jun 16, 2022 at 9:00AM

How to Choose the Aerospace Prototyping Services That You Need

Rapid prototyping has revolutionized many different industries, and the aerospace sector is very much included in that. Aerospace manufacturing companies often encounter obstacles like time, cost, and technology. With aerospace prototyping services, it is possible for an aerospace company to overcome such obstacles and push exemplary products to market.

Aerospace parts must perfectly balance factors such as accuracy and quality without compromising function. For costly services like aerospace manufacturing and composite engineering, the design process can prove costly and time-consuming – unless you opt for aerospace prototyping services.

In this article, we break down how to choose the prototyping services that best suit your project. Please continue reading to learn more.

Test A Wide Variety of Aerospace Composites and Materials

Aerospace manufacturing companies can craft many different advanced composites, all of which are designed to suit a specific application. Traditional materials like titanium and aluminum, as well as advanced composites, are recognized for benefits such as tensile strength, strength-to-weight ratio, and more.

With aerospace prototyping, it is easier than ever to not only evaluate the form, fit and function of your design, but also assess the manufacturing processes and materials used to produce it. Ultimately, this will reduce the cost and the amount of time it takes to bring your product to market.

Ensure Compliance and Quality

In the aerospace sector, equipment failure can prove to be catastrophic or even life threatening. Quality control is a must, and it should play a pivotal role in choosing aerospace prototyping services for your project. We suggest only contracting this kind of delicate work with certified composite manufacturers.

When it comes to aerospace manufacturing, the staple certification you should always keep an eye open for is the AS9100 standard. This certification represents the gold standard for safety in the aerospace sector. With a regular review process in place, the AS9100 standard is always kept up to date with modern aerospace manufacturing in mind.

Certifications like the AS9100 standard should always set the foundation for an aerospace manufacturing project, rather than being an added benefit. Be sure to partner with a prototyping company that will apply these forms of quality control to every step of the design process.

Mentis Sciences contributes a wide range of professional experience and technical expertise to many of the nation’s most daunting engineering challenges, including prototyping services. Our quality management system is certified to international quality standards that include the aforementioned AS9100 standard. To learn more about how aerospace prototyping can benefit your project, contact Mentis Sciences today.

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