Machine Design

Mentis designs and fabricates complex machines for various manufacturing and evaluation purposes. Mentis engineers solutions for mechanical and electro-mechanical controls, including Computer Numerical Controls (CNC).

  • CNC Fiber Placement Machines
  • Braiding, Filament Winding, Custom Fiber Placement
  • High Tension Filament Winder
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Fiber Creel Systems
  • Heated Platen Presses


Mentis utilizes Solidworks Professional for solid modeling needs. Our engineering staff is proficient in solid modeling and the design of complex components and systems ranging from one-off aerospace components to complete production line equipment.

Process Controls

Mentis designs and/or customizes many of the process and motion control systems to support the machines that we developed.  This includes:

  • Multi-zone temperature and pressure
    • Individual and simultaneous
  • Multi-axis Motion Control
    • Novel approaches for machine programming


Mentis designs elaborate, closed-volume compression molds requiring very tight tolerances.  Typical mold materials include P20 Mold Steel and Invar 36.  Mentis also utilizes various foam materials for low cost rapid prototyping molds.

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