Mentis has over 40 years of experience engineering composite solutions for applications in the Automotive, Defense, Aerospace, Energy/Oil and Gas, and Medical industries, for DoD, DoT, DoE and commercial customers.

Mentis has experience with the following material types:

Fibers Resin Systems
Graphite/Carbon Fiber Epoxy
Fiberglass Poly-Siloxanes
High Purity Quartz Phenolics
Ceramic Fiber (Nextel) Bismaleimides 
Aramid Fiber (Kevlar, Aracon) Cyanate-Ester
Theromplastc Fiber (Dyneema, Spectra) Thermoplastics
Organic Fibers (Cotton, Hemp)  


Mentis has developed composite solutions to meet structural, electrical, and multi-functional requirements for the following applications:

  • High-Temperature Missile Nosecones/Radomes
  • High-Temperature Thermal Protection Systems
  • Torpedo and Rocket Launch Tubes
  • Prosthetic and Orthotic Devices
  • High-pressure/Light-weight Cannon
  • Tire Reinforcements



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