Remote Labs: Advantages of Virtual Learning

Mon, Sep 20, 2021 at 3:15PM

Remote Labs: Advantages of Virtual Learning

In recent years, STEM education has undergone a significant transformation in terms of learning methods and techniques. The importance of remote learning is more obvious than ever, and advances in virtual labs and stem kits reflect the current climate of the world. We have seen that students can still enjoy effective STEM education without compromising quality of learning. Below, we break down the many advantages of virtual learning made possible with remote labs.

Education Powered by Modern Technology

Remote labs provide students with access to top-notch technology to conduct their experiments. Rather than settling for classroom equipment, students can utilize modern teaching techniques and AI-powered virtual labs to further their learning. Advanced tools, such as virtual simulations and microscopes, enable students to pursue futuristic solutions to their experiments without stepping foot in a laboratory.

Extra Degree of Safety

Besides social distancing, students can enjoy other safety benefits of remote labs, such as removing the risk of injury to themselves or damaging laboratory equipment. Also, learning remotely eliminates the need to experiment with toxic or hazardous chemicals and can reduce exposure to other health hazards. Even without in-person experimentation, virtual students can still test multiple scenarios and compare results.

Enhanced Engagement

Over time, students may become disinterested from listening to lectures or watching presentations. Virtual labs empower teachers to keep their students engaged by offering the ability to test any number of procedures easily on an online platform. Additionally, it does not require any additional resources for students to conduct the same experiment multiple times.

Instant Feedback

In traditional laboratories, there is often a single outcome for any given experiment. Students may go through all the steps and observe the result. Even if the experiment goes awry, there are no mulligans. In a virtual setting, students can analyze their mistakes in real time and take another shot at the experiment. Furthermore, experiment results are recorded, which makes it easier for teachers to guide their students through any complications.

Learn At Their Own Speed

As a whole, virtual learning allows students to ingest material at their own pace. Similarly, since all virtual labs are accessible online, students can access the platform whenever they choose to and from any device. Convenience is key in the modern age and remote labs give students the opportunity to study, prepare for, and perform experiments at the time and place that best suits them.

Affordable Alternative

Traditional laboratories can eat through a budget due to the cost of equipment and materials, as well as maintenance costs and similar expenses. Remote labs present a much more affordable option. One platform can serve an entire school without requiring costly development, nor do you need to worry about providing each student with physical materials.

Virtual learning environments present a plethora of benefits to both students and teachers. To start reaping the many upsides of remote labs, give Mentis Sciences a call today. Mentis offers a wide array of graduate and undergraduate procedures that are optimized to give you the best virtual teaching tools possible.

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