Digital Vertical Alignment Fixture

We Guarantee Alignment Consistency

Mentis Sciences has designed and manufactured a Digital Vertical Alignment Fixture that produces functionality identical to the industry standard Hosmer Universal Fabrication Fixture, with improved accuracy and durability.

The Digital Vertical Alignment Fixture, which functions and operates identical to current process for bench alignment and dynamic transfer, enables the user to digitally save and record each patients' alignment. 

Digital Jig

Key Features

  • All measurements and alignments can be recalled at any point with precise accuracy
  • Verification and repeatability of previously saved patient alignments will provide assurance that alignment and transfer are identical to the original
  • The Digital Vertical Alignment Fixture allows one jig to be used by multiple people, as opposed to the existing conventional jig
  • The need to statically save alignment on any one fixture, from start to finish as done in current alignment techniques, will be eliminated
  • Digital user interface


Package Includes

  • 1 complete Fixture with 8 degrees of measurement
  • Integrated power supply
  • All software
  • 1 year Manufacturer Limited Warranty
  • Lead time 4-6 weeks ARO


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Authorized Distributor: Friddle's Orthopedic Appliances


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