About Us


Mentis Sciences, Inc. was founded in 1996 by John F. Dignam, following more than thirty years of service at the Army Materials Research Lab, where he served as the Director of Missile Materials.

John F. Dignam spent most of his lifetime promoting national security and developing the most effective material systems to aid in countering global threats. He founded Mentis Sciences to continue promoting innovation, expertise, and emerging materials and manufacturing technologies that will enhance U.S. security and promote economic growth. He was a well-respected leader, mentor, and motivator, always driving the Mentis team toward success for the benefit of the nation.

His legacy continues under the strong and visionary leadership of John J. Dignam, who brings unique and innovative technical expertise to solving some of the nation’s most daunting engineering challenges. The core values of ethics, integrity, community service, and commitment to excellence instilled by John F. Dignam live on with John J. Dignam and the Mentis team, and are apparent in every aspect of the company’s structure, personality, and operations. The Mentis team is familiar with the enormous responsibility that rests on those who work in the national security realm, and whose systems and technologies are integral to the success or failure of U.S. operations. The missile community will forever benefit from the tireless efforts of John F. Dignam, whose legacy lives on through Mentis Sciences.