Launch Tubes

Anti Torpedo Torpedo All Round-Up Launch Tube ATT AUR

 Design Requirements/Goals:

  • Light-weight
  • RAM Launcher compatible
  • All Up Round (AUR) with launch energetics
  • Low Cost
  • Match stiffness of baseline aluminum tube
  • Survive shock environment


  • Both prototypes either met or exceeded metal canister performance.
  • The torpedo launch tube was designed and fabricated to fit inside an existing surface vessel torpedo tube.
  • The unit houses an anti-torpedo tube.
  • Three units are currently installed on the USS George Bush.



Man-Portable APKWS Launcher

Mentis was selected by BAE Systems to develop a lightweight, man-portable launcher for the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS). The system is intended to expand the lethality and maintain mobility of ground forces.


  • Very light-weight. 10.5 lb launcher carries/launches 40 lb rocket
  • Portable by single soldier
  • Setup time less than 2 minutes
  • Can be easily re-stowed if unused and needs to be moved
  • Environmentally sealed for extended deployment
  • Tripod design and spiked feet can accommodate various terrain
  • The APKWS Launder full scale concept prototype (REV 0) was designed and fabricated in 2 weeks; inclusive of the end caps, locking ring, and breach firming mechanism.
  • REV 1 (see photo) was designed and fabricated in 4 weeks.
  • Three launchers were fabricated and used to launch an APKWS at White Sands missile range.